Chevron & Trench

Chevron was one of my trends of choice this summer, along with polka dots and all things mint. This dress, and variations of it, was a bestseller and kept disappearing from availability as soon as I find it. I was finally able to snatch it (and at a discount, no less) from Shopsosie at the beginning of September. Shopsosie is… View Post

Pink Blazer + Leopard Pumps

I’ve been unusually interested in prints lately. I think it’s because I have stockpiled enough solid colored pieces to last me a very long time. In addition, the right print can make interesting any bland outfits. It’s taken me a long time to acquaint myself with different prints – from the initial leopard, floral and polka dot prints to the… View Post

White Tweed + Pink Peplum

This pink peplum dress is a somewhat recent sale find. I had purposely curtailed the buying of all things peplum for a while because there is a point of excess and I crossed it some time ago. I made an exception for this dress because it was heavily discounted but also because of its ability to transcend occasions. The modest… View Post

Fiery Red with Tangelo Orange

As much as I would like to roll out of bed every morning with a fresh new idea for how to get dressed that day, on most days I resign myself to the reality that relying on a formula is sometimes the key to creating a great outfit. But wait, shouldn’t fashion be spontaneous and in-the-moment? What’s the fun in… View Post

Polka Dot + Leather Mini

My friend Jean, who blogs at Extra Petite, recently developed a thrifting problem (I kid, I kid). It was a long time coming so I can’t say I am surprised. But, you know, who can blame her? If I know how to alter stuff I would visit consignment and thrift stores with a lot more frequency. I recently became a… View Post

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