Mystery Blue

One of the few perks (if not the only perk) of having been the same size since ~13 is that the participation t-shirts and embroidered sweatpants that I amassed from school/sports in my child- and young adult-hoods still fit. So it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally needed to buy activewear (I am often surprised by how…

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Best Week

There is a week in spring, just before the start of allergy season, that is absolutely magical. It usually follows a cold and rainy spell; then overnight, the clouds disperse and the cherry blossoms bloom. And the world looks like it’s been staged for a Wes Anderson film. There is a similarly perfect week (or two) at the precipice of…

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Why I Run

  In the ultra-wired world in which we live, I find it necessary to consciously unplug in order to reflect. Running is a welcomed break from gadget dependency and often the only time in my day when I am not tethered to my web-enabled network. I liken running to reading, which are both experiences best enjoyed in private, but occasional…

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