July 2020 Favorites

I’m still playing catch up with my monthly favorites, and will likely publish the August one next Sunday. —————— ABERCROMBIE & FITCH PUFF-SLEEVE LINEN-BLEND MINI DRESS —————— This Abercrombie & Fitch Puff-Sleeve Linen-Blend Mini Dress (reviewed here) is one of my favorite purchases this summer. And the fact that I didn’t have very many any occasions for it didn’t stop me…

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June 2020 Favorites

I fell behind in posting my monthly favorites, but did track them informally on my phone so will still be sharing them (in quick succession) to get back on track. Without further ado, here are my June favorites: —————— CARMEN MARIA MARCHADO BOOKS —————— I “discovered” Carmen Maria Machado about three years after everyone else did. Her writing (and many… View Post

May Favorites

May had been especially trying: I swung between severe anxiety–had to stop consuming news coverage of COVID-19 as just the thought of reading another piece on the pandemic filled me with dread–and faked indifference/fatalism. But I found hope after watching “16 Philly Cheesesteaks in 12 Hours“; I am willing to social-distance for another 12-18 months in order to once again…

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April Favorites

I’m still playing catch-up with posts, but here are my favorites from April. —————— Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Leggings Pants —————— These Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Leggings Pants look like pants but feel more like leggings, so are a step closer to outside clothes from sweatpants. While I still prefer the fit and substance of the HEATTECH Ultra Stretch Leggings Pants (a… View Post

March Favorites

March feels like a lifetime ago, but I only recently got around to reflecting on my favorites from then. Here they are: —————— Dainty Necklaces —————— I rarely changed out of sweats and flannels in March because I didn’t really go anywhere. However, as I was still meeting virtually with people in a professional setting, and didn’t want them to… View Post

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