30 Outfits in a Bag: Crochet Dress + No-Sew Dress Shortening

Ann Taylor Bateau Lace Dress | Ann Taylor Modern Classic Pearl & Chain Necklace¬†| Burberry Westland Sateen Trench | YSL Large Cabas Chyc | Zara Court Shoes (similar) The simplest way to quickly shorten the length of a dress (in order to lend it versatility) is to belt the dress at your high waist, pull a section of fabric below… View Post

30 Outfits in a Bag: Navy Blazer

Few jackets receive as much attention from me as this J. Crew blazer does. I wear it almost weekly and make an effort to pack it for every trip, business or leisure. It’s dressy enough for my job but is not so formal that precludes it from being in regular rotation on the weekends. J. Crew Classic Schoolboy Blazer |… View Post

30 Outfits in a Bag: Bow Top

When packing for a lengthier trip with space constraint, I normally choose pieces that are more muted in color and avoid color schemes that vaguely resemble holiday themes (so no red with pink, red with green, orange with black, etc.) I also opt for neutral outerwear (like khaki trench coats, medium wash denim jackets, black/gray/navy blazers, etc.) and few colorful… View Post

30 Outfits in a Bag: Crossover Dress

At the risk of boring all you to tears, this series on my business travel packing list will comprise about ten posts. I originally planned to devote only three posts to this topic but couldn’t organize the content effectively in that space without employing jerky transitions. On to today’s subject: I normally pack at least one dressier dress (is this… View Post

30 Outfits in a Bag: Overview

A fellow fashion enthusiast, M, posed this question (paraphrased here for brevity) to me a few weeks ago: what does one pack for a long work trip? I would not call myself a packing expert but have become rather adept at it over the years. And, as I loathe checking bags because my preference is to spend the least amount… View Post

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