Abercrombie & Fitch : Mandy Dress

A few months ago, I read about the Abercrombie & Fitch Mandy dress from a post that PAG did. I was in love, I love the bustier type top and the feminine lace details. The cherry on top is the fact that it doesn’t have the ubiquitous moose logo. Mandy Dress in XS I had discovered PAG’s post a while… View Post

Compare & Contrast : Ralph Lauren Button Downs

Having attended private school in my younger days, I shudder to revisit those days of extreme preppy-ism. However, I do relapse from time to time and cave in to Polo Ralph Lauren’s blinding spell. This post will be devoted to examining the difference between a women’s size 0 button down and a boy’s size 8 button down. When tabloids or… View Post

Cocktail Dress Hour: Larok Tea Party Dress

I love LaRok, partially because it is quite a petite friendly line. I think the brand has found its niche in small dress-loving women. The colors are mostly monotonous, the occasionally splash of pink in a sea of blacks and grays. I started stalking LaRok dresses long before I came to own one, and when I saw this dress on… View Post

Red Chanel Dilemma

I am in the market for a red Chanel flap in caviar skin…either a m/l or a jumbo. On the one hand, I think the jumbo would suit my lifestyle better as I like to haul everything everywhere. On the other hand, I think the jumbo wouldn’t be appropriate for evening activities. Petite ladies love jumbos though and can really… View Post

Cocktail Dress Hour : Notte by Marchesa Embroidered Blush Tank Dress

Update: 9/24/2010 Sophia called me out. I did fail to provide pictures of me in the dress. These pictures are just pretty bad and at the time I thought I’d save myself the embarrassment. This dress is about a good size or two bigger than what I would ideally need, resulting in bra exposure, loose chest gap, etc. I still… View Post

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