The-Dress-That-Wasn’t-Meant-To-Be Part 2

Update: 9/1/2010 (measurements taken with the dress laid flat on the ground) Bust measurement: almost 14 inches across Waist: about 11.5 inches across Hip: Free Flowing as it’s a bubble skirt, but probably nothing over 35 as the rest of it is pretty tiny. Has little to no stretch. ————————————————————————————————————– Update: 8/30/2010 Later today I will post the dress’s measurements… View Post

Cocktail Dress Hour : Jessica McClintock Dress

For some reason, junior sizing fits me a lot better than the corresponding size in adults. I got this Jessica McClintock dress a few years ago on super sale at Macy’s and was surprised at how a size 3 fits only slightly big around my waist, the loose spots elsewhere are negligible. For J.M., junior sizing is in odd numbers… View Post

Work Outfits : Drabby Fall Colors

Another day, another boring work outfit. I think taking pictures of my outfits is actually a good way to critique myself as I sometimes don’t get the chance to analyze my outfits before I dash off to work every morning. I am wearing these Polo Ralph Lauren boy’s button downs in size 8 (I reviewed a different colored one here)… View Post

Petite Fashion Challenge #1

Jean over at Extra Petite organized the Petite Fashion Challenge – essentially challenging petite blog readers and authors to take on specific challenges from time to time. The first challenge is to: “Create an outfit for weekend brunch with your girlfriends. The outfit must include one garment that is typically notorious for being a petite “don’t.” Such garments include: dresses,… View Post

Abercrombie Tiered Floral Dress

I found this dress at an A&F outlet in Delaware about two months ago, it was on sale for under $25 (and no sales tax on clothes in DE, woohoo). It was available in all sizes so I picked up this one in XS. I have to say, when I first bought it I didn’t think this particular dress would… View Post

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