Cocktail Dress Hour: Larok Tea Party Dress

I love LaRok, partially because it is quite a petite friendly line. I think the brand has found its niche in small dress-loving women. The colors are mostly monotonous, the occasionally splash of pink in a sea of blacks and grays. I started stalking LaRok dresses long before I came to own one, and when I saw this dress on… View Post

Red Chanel Dilemma

I am in the market for a red Chanel flap in caviar skin…either a m/l or a jumbo. On the one hand, I think the jumbo would suit my lifestyle better as I like to haul everything everywhere. On the other hand, I think the jumbo wouldn’t be appropriate for evening activities. Petite ladies love jumbos though and can really… View Post

Cocktail Dress Hour : Notte by Marchesa Embroidered Blush Tank Dress

Update: 9/24/2010 Sophia called me out. I did fail to provide pictures of me in the dress. These pictures are just pretty bad and at the time I thought I’d save myself the embarrassment. This dress is about a good size or two bigger than what I would ideally need, resulting in bra exposure, loose chest gap, etc. I still… View Post

Marc by Marc Jacobs Crosstown Jacquard Zipper Front Dress from Gilt

I got this dress for a steal from Gilt’s dress sale a few days ago. I had wanted this dress for a while but I didn’t want to spend $400+ on it.  It looked gorgeous on the model (but honestly, what dress doesn’t). Size 0 from Gilt It doesn’t look as flattering on me but I love it anyway. I… View Post

Favorite Fall Coat – Marc by Marc Jacobs Moleskin Coat

Updated with modeling pictures This coat was originally made famous by Blair Waldorf, who wore it in Season 3, Episode 11 (Treasure of Serena Madre) of Gossip Girl. It was love at first sight for me. I just had to have it. Unfortunately, when I discovered the coat I was months late and it had already been featured, gone on… View Post

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