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I always love reading people’s blogroll to find new reading material (though I really need to pick up a book one of these days), so I thought I’d reciprocate and do the same for my readers. (listed randomly, not ranked or anything for their awesomeness) 1. Jezebel (my bf used to complain about jezebel being ultra-men-hating-bra-burning-extreme-radicalism but he’s since seen… View Post

Major Plug: The Triumphant Return of Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Okay, I am beyond excited right now. At the end of last year Wendy’s teased chicken nugget lovers everywhere with a brief test run of spicy chicken nuggets at select US locations and right as I got into the routine of ordering them by the dozens at lunch time, Wendy’s pulled the plug on them without a word. My next… View Post


While I realize I am fairly petite compared to the general population but the inflated sizes at mall retailers like the Gap, BR, etc. further entrenched in me the idea that I can wear pretty much the smallest adult sizes available even though there are many other girls who are a few sizes smaller than me. I also dislike trying… View Post

Marc by Marc Jacobs Primrose Garden Dress

I wrote a post last week of me wearing a MbMJ dress with a full skirt and I mentioned how I love the style. This is another MbMJ dress that is similar in style. This is currently my favorite casual day dress at the moment, I just love the floral print and the fullness of the skirt. I am wearing… View Post

Necessary Objects Dress + Headbands

Necessary Objects can be found in a variety of stores, from Nordstrom’s to Macy’s and this particular dress was found half-priced and at all sizes in a TJMaxx about a year ago. It looks just like the LaRok dress that I had my eyes on but about 1/5 as expensive. I didn’t foresee myself wearing it very often so I… View Post

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