Best Dim Sum In Flushing : Guang Zhou Restaurant (廣州酒家)

As of March 2011 Guang Zhou has closed its doors. You can read more about it here. I go to Flushing, NY quite often because it’s only about an hour away by car. The Chinese food selection in Southwestern Connecticut leaves a lot to be desired so to satiate my cravings for authentic Chinese food I typically visit Flushing at… View Post

Gilt Personal Offering : Alice Ritter Loveley Draped Dress

I put myself on a waitlist last month for this dress but I am trying to curb unnecessary dress purchases. This Alice Ritter dress is on sale for $49, down from $231. The design looks like something from the Spring 2009 collection but I can’t find the exact showroom picture.  Photo Source : Gilt Here’s the link to the dress.… View Post

OOTD : Repeat Offender

I woke up this morning to more snow – when will it end?! I decided I really like this H&M skirt even though it’s too short for work (but here I am wearing it at work). I got it a month or two ago for $10 on sale and it’s been sitting in my closet unworn until yesterday.  I decided… View Post

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea : NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Valentine Friends Sugar Cookies

***You can win a special Valentine’s Day kit featuring these adorable cookies Nestle Toll House cookies through A Mom’s Balancing Act*** I loved Valentine’s Day as a child because everyone gets chocolate and “friend” carnations…somehow this lovely holiday which to me is about free chocolate and flowers has deteriorated into a rather complicated holiday for many. Like, what exactly to… View Post

OOTD : Mondays Are Black And Blue

Happy Monday! My weekend had been rather uneventful – it mainly consisted of staying in bed, watching lots of TV and catching up on sleep. I woke up this morning and hit the snooze button a dozen times before propelling myself out of bed. It’s a miracle I got dressed this morning so I guess I should give myself a… View Post

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