ASOS PETITE Tailored Drummer Girl Tulip Dress

The bf is here this weekend so I won’t be able to spend any time blogging or reading blogs so I have scheduled a few ASOS reviews ahead of time to fill the void.  I don’t want to support blatant plagiarism of designs but I just can’t justify spending $1895 on this gorgeous Halston Stretch-wool Epaulet dress knowing I’ll wear… View Post

Walgreens Merchandise Clearance – Various Goodies

No outfit pictures today because while I woke up early I spent hours doing laundry. sigh. At least they are done. I do have something I wanted to share yesterday but I didn’t get around to posting it. In my never ending quest to clean out the Valentine’s Day candy stock at local pharmacies (you are welcome, Rite Aid/Walgreens/CVS), I… View Post

OOTD: Laundry Day Is Friday

Today’s tidbit is that I ordered 72oz of laffy taffy online. Does anyone know a fool-proof dental protection plan that would ensure that I’ll remain cavity-free? I found this skirt at the bottom of the drawer…I don’t think I’ve seen this skirt in years And yikes, I went to H&M yesterday for the second time in two days to exchange… View Post

Urban Outfitters Order + Small Tulle Skirt

I am sure some of you may remember an order I placed with Urban Outfitters about two weeks ago. I had initially placed the order because I really wanted the Kimchi Blue Scallop Skirt that Lisa blogged about but UO shipped my order but canceled the skirt. Thankfully I didn’t go over the board and order too many unnecessary things.… View Post

OOTD: Mirror Mirror On The Wall & My Small Chanel Collection

If there’s one thing I learned since I started doing daily outfit photos, it’s that mirrors are deceptive. I often look at an outfit in the morning, deem it appropriate and went on my merry way but these outfit photos expose lethal flaws in the most brutally honest fashion. Take today’s outfit for example, I thought it was of an… View Post

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