Giving High Gloss Fashion The Old College Try

I am always on the hunt for new online retailers that have the goods to feed my closet monster. I knew I had to order when I stumbled across High Gloss Fashion last week. They opened for business on January 24, 2011 and while the selection is slim there are quite a few cute things that can be had. (I… View Post

OOTD: Bargain Hunter

I went to Rite Aid bright and early this morning, money in hand and ready to buy out whatever candy I can get my hands on. But I seem to have arrived too early because things hadn’t been marked down yet. I did, however, discover some great deals on Chex Mix and Lay’s Stax. So an 8.75oz bag of Chex… View Post

OOTD: No Red or Pink This Valentine’s Day

I rolled out of bed half an hour later than usual this morning and was completely disoriented. For a second I thought it was Sunday all over again but when I realized that the weekend had ended I jolted awake. In my haste I picked up the first three items that I stumbled across on my way to the shower.… View Post

Saturday Shopping Trip : Forever 21 and H&M

I was determined to find the H&M trench dress that Extra Petite modeled earlier in the month and traveled to a distant H&M in search of it. The search turned up empty but I did end up with some unexpected purchases.  I also went to the grand opening of a Forever 21 but I did not get a gift card… View Post

EH : Wendy’s Asiago Ranch Chicken Club

At the risk of getting yelled at again by anonymous commentators commenters for eating junk and having a mother who didn’t teach me how to cook, here’s me giving Wendy’s new Asiago Ranch Chicken Club a try. Burgers without fries is like fish without water or Samson without Delilah. Wendy’s has been promoting these Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt for… View Post

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