Girls’ Land’s End Tights On Sale!

It takes serious skills to style colorful tights because it can so easily look childish on a grown woman. Adventurous Cee (burgundy tights and royal blue tights)  pulls off her colorful tights effortlessly. For those of you who are eager to try this trend for yourself but don’t want to spend too much money on a look that may not… View Post

OOTD : Electric Blue

I decided to take my ASOS Petite Tailored Pencil dress out for a spin (or rather, wear it to work) today after seeing it on Aubrey yesterday. The dress has been pushed to the back of my closet in the last week because I couldn’t decide if hemming is necessary. Dress: ASOS Petite Tailored Pencil Dress – US P2/UK P6… View Post

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Gift Card Event 4/6/2011-4/10/2011

I thought I’d post this deal because I actually saved quite a bit of money with this gift card event. Use BEAUTY to save up to $250 off your beauty purchase. And use FSBEAUTY for free shipping. The “gift card” will ring up as a discount on your purchase so it’s actually a really sweet deal. I ordered the La… View Post

ASOS Sale – 20% Off Regular Priced Items

So I have been trying to stay away from ASOS but I still periodically check my cart to see if anything on my wishlist came back in stock. And alas, today my current obsession magically reappeared (albeit, in a smaller size than I would’ve liked). Use code ASOSCouponCabin20 for 20% off regular-priced items, the code is good until Sunday. ASOS… View Post

Neiman Marcus : The Butterfly Game

This is a one-day event so take advantage if you are in love with something supremely expensive (Louboutin’s, anyone? Sadly CL’s no longer eligible as of this afternoon…when I was playing around earlier today it seemed to have worked). Online only so Chanel doesn’t qualify. So the idea is to click around the site and find the butterflies. Different colored… View Post

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