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Hydrangeas are one of my favorite plants, with their low maintenance and dramatic, colorful blooms. But in the height of summer, they can grow top heavy, resulting in drooping branches, so I have been clipping back a basket or two of flowers every week to keep the shrubs from looking too sad. However, as I only own a limited number of vases and pseudo-vases, I quickly ran out of room to put the flowers. But I also don’t have the heart to bury flowers in full bloom, so decided to start giving them away when I am out and about on the weekends.

The problem is… the act of approaching strangers on the street doesn’t come naturally to me, even if my question–“would you like a flower?”–is fairly innocuous. But I do know what people will pause on the street for: someone posing for a photo.

♥ ♥ ♥

You don’t see (too) many surprised photobombers in my photos because of my preference for emptier backgrounds, but this perceived remoteness is only possible because people in Connecticut tend to be exceptionally courteous and will do just about everything they can to avoid stepping between a camera and its object. Some stop just out of frame until I notice and wave them through; many will take detours around me but shout friendly encouragements from afar.

But almost everyone pauses before deciding on their preferred course of action, opening a window for me to ask: Can I offer you a flower?

A one-and-done maxi dress is one of my favorite things to wear in warm weather. I recently got this mixed media dress with a crochet top, ruffle overskirt/sleeves, and flowy long skirt from Amazon and am very pleased with it considering the price point ($39.99 + 10%-20% off). The material–soft and lightweight–is easy to clean; the top is stretchy and the bottom drapey so the fit is also quite forgiving. Note the crochet portion is unlined so flesh-toned underwear may be required, and the skirt portion reads casual so this dress would not be appropriate for more formal occasions.

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