Longchamp Le Pliage Original Pouch Review (+ Crossbody Bag Conversion Kit)

I received the Longchamp Le Pliage Original Pouch with Handle as a birthday present last year. Despite its small size, this cosmetics case is surprisingly capacious, and has a Mary Poppins bag quality to it: it can easily house a dozen travel-size beauty products; or 3 larger items–in my case, a 6″+ tall smartphone (like an iPhone Pro Max), sun/glasses in a hard shell, and a filled card case–plus keys and a lip balm.

The pouch itself, like other Longchamp Le Pliage bags, is minimalist, with no (need for) built in organization and a tan leather top handle. The zipper closure is sturdy, with a gold medallion zipper pull that is easy to grab.

While aesthetically pleasing (for a nylon bag) and useful for storing small, easy-to-misplace sundries, it is otherwise unremarkable and, at its current price of $100, overpriced (for a makeup bag).

But to those who have discovered the world of bag conversion kits and organizers, the Le Pliage Mini Pouch’s final form has simply not been unlocked.

While Longchamp sells a Le Pliage Small Crossbody Bag and an Extra Small Le Pliage Xtra Leather Clutch, these strapped options come with much heftier price tags ($250 for the former and $360 for the latter).

It didn’t take long for enterprising bag-lovers to source their own grommets and straps to attach to the Le Pliage Cosmetics Case, and not that much longer for these appendages to become their own product category on Amazon, where you will find dozens of sellers hawking conversion kits for various bag designs.

After stalking these kits for some time, I recently caved and ordered a conversion kit for the Longchamp pouch from JIESINLOV. The <$30 price tag feels reasonable: it’s not so cheap that the quality may seem concerning but is inexpensive enough to take a gamble on considering the mixed reviews.

The conversion kit comes in a tasteful package that is reminiscent of the Hermès orange box. In each kit are two leather rings and a long adjustable strap that perfectly match the classic Longchamp tan leather trim. The set-up process is effortless, just wrap the leather rings around the top handle, then attach the lobster claw clasps on the ends of the strap to the open jump rings on the leather “D rings.”

The strap works mostly as intended, even though the leather rings in my kit cannot be secured to the ends of the top handle–there is a tail on the leather D ring meant to be tucked into the folds at the ends of the handle but I couldn’t get the ring closed and the tail tucked at the same time–and are inclined to slide toward the center of the handle. (This video shows how the leather rings should be wrapped.) I ended up putting a dash of leather glue on the ends of the top handle which helped to secure the straps, but I don’t know if it’s a permanent fix. This might be an isolated issue but a few others mentioned similar problems in the review section so YMMV.

As someone who delights in finding new ways to wear my bags, the crossbody conversion kit has brought me so much joy. It’s also made me value the bag differently: while $100 feels like a lot for a makeup bag, $130 for a crossbody bag is much easier to stomach. I’ve already started exploring my closet for other bags that could benefit from an “upgrade.”

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