Petite-Friendly Coatigan

I’ve been on the hunt for a heavier-weight sweater trench–essentially a longer, single-buttoned version of the Theory Double-Face Wool-Cashmere Clairene Jacket that I often wear. However, I haven’t had much success finding the right piece at mall retailers.

Recently, I ordered this suspiciously affordable option online, but it’s from a third-party seller on Amazon, which is usually hit-or-miss for me.

When the package first arrived. I was skeptical–the piece was stuffed into a small poly bag and emerged so wrinkly that I came very close to sending it back. But I liked the color and the weight of the fabric (even if the material–36% Viscose, 48% Polyamide, 16% Polyester–is unremarkable) so I decided to try taming the wrinkles with a steamer. To my surprise, the coatigan underwent a transformation on the scale of Mia’s makeover in The Princess Diaries after only a few minutes with my handheld steamer.

While I would’ve preferred for the piece to be better made (I will happily pay five times the price for it to be made from a majority-wool blend or even cotton, with even stitches, and higher-quality buttons), I feel the piece more than justifies the price (normally $44.99, but it’s now on sale for $37.49 + 10% off). I’ll also be making a few easy upgrades, from replacing the buttons with spare buttons that came with past Burberry purchases to reinforcing some of the loose stitches.

Sizes for this style run S-XL; while the fit is relaxed, I would not suggest sizing down unless you have an especially small frame, as the coatigan is meant to be worn with medium-weight layers.

The seller of this coatigan offers several iterations of the style in its store; if the upgrades I make to this piece are a success, I plan to order one of the hooded options as well.

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