Review: Lululemon Clean Lines Belt Bag 2L

It’s easy to overlook the Lululemon Clean Lines Belt Bag 2L, as the Everywhere Bag is the crown jewel of Lululemon’s collection of bags and comes in a wider range of colors. However, this unisex option is as spacious as the larger Everywhere Bag, and the bulbous form offers more freedom than the rectangular Everywhere Bag to store irregularly-shaped items.

Read on if you are looking for a more pliable alternative to the Everywhere Bag.


The body of the Clean Lines Belt Bag is constructed from a water-resistant, 100% nylon material that’s lightweight and has a washed appearance.

Like other bags in Lululemon’s collection, “Clean Lines” is mostly no-frills, apart from the unmissable and unnecessary black woven label on the front of the bag. The front zippered pocket opens to the bag’s main compartment, which has a mesh pocket with key loop. This bag also has a top zippered pocket that is large enough to house a number of smaller items (think lip balm, keys, individually-wrapped wipes) for additional internal organization.


Like the Everywhere Bag, the Clean Lines Bag, being a versatile in-between size, is best for active travel and looks most at home when paired with athleisure. As the strap length can be adjusted (~39″ on the longest setting), this bag can be worn on the shoulder, across the body, slung over one shoulder, or cinched around the waist.

Despite the bag’s bulbous shape (with the following dimensions: 8″W x 2.5″D x 6L”), the 2L size doesn’t look oversized on even smaller frames. It will comfortably hold a non-overpacker’s daily essentials.


$58 feels reasonable for those accustomed to paying inflated Lululemon prices, but there are more budget-friendly options out there, like the <$20 Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag or $30 The North Face Jester Luxe Belt Bag, for those who feel indifferent about the athleisure brand.

You can find the Lululemon Clean Lines Belt Bag in three neutral colorways at Lululelmon.

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Lululemon recently added a few bags to its “We Made Too Much” section, among them the the All Day Essentials Belt Bag 2.5L, Everywhere Sling Bag 2.5L, and All Night Festival Bag Micro 2L. Some bag picks:

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