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Remember all the sensationalistic headlines in 2021 declaring that Gen Zers had “cancelled” skinny jeans and were effectively waging a generational war against millennials? Well, I am glad I didn’t donate or repurpose all of mine (mostly out of pandemic-related inertia), because I have worn skinny jeans a lot this winter. With their tapered hems, skinny jeans simply work better with bulky winter footwear and bulkier still puffer coats than jeans with wider-pantlegs.

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One denim trend which has come back around, but I’ve fully purged my closet of, is long denim skirts. I was certain I wanted nothing to do with them during one closet cleanout, but wonder now if I should’ve kept one as a contingency measure.

While I am intrigued by them, I am proceeding with caution as I am sure there’s a good reason for why I had so decisively donated them last time. If you are in the same boat, here are a few current styles that are on my radar:

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