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Circle Necklaces

This Aurate circle necklace, with an easy-to-wear sensibility and accessible pricing, is highly polished but still suitable for everyday wear. The delicate circle detail is interesting enough on its own as a finishing touch over monochrome turtlenecks or a bare neckline.

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Amazon Essentials Everyday Fitness 7/8 Zipped Leggings

I own innumerable pairs of leggings. As such, I no longer buy duplicates, but I made an exception for the Amazon Essentials Everyday Fitness 7/8 Zipped Leggings. These affordable leggings come close to being my paragon of legging perfection: it has (two!) roomy zippered pockets and is made from a silky smooth, lightweight material that’s stretchy and comfortable. The polyester blend (83% Polyester, 17% Elastane) is durable (not see-through and my black pair survived being vigorously scratched on by three different pups and still looks good as new), and machine-washes beautifully (no fading after multiple cycles). The 7/8 length translates to full length on stubbier legs so this option won’t require adjustments in length for those over 5’2. I own it in all four colors and watch the product page like a hawk in the event that new colorways are added.

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo was first recommended to me a few years ago. While I loved the cover (it reminds me of the Atonement green dress) I had put off reading it because 1) I struggled to finish Reid’s Daisy Jones & The Six and 2) I sometimes harshly prejudge soapy historical romance novels. But this fast-paced, highly-engaging read is equal parts glamorous, touching, and gossipy, with an ambitious and ruthlessly pragmatic protagonist who is complex in her approach to weightier subjects. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo might leave those who are prone to sentimentality a bit sad, but for everyone else this would make a great beach or vacation read.

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Killing Eve

I “discovered” Killing Eve late last year, shortly after its final season aired, and the show has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. I’m on my first rewatch as I really enjoyed the first two seasons. The duality–seamless transitions between uninhibited silliness and ruthless psychopathy–of Villanelle is oddly transfixing and I can’t help but adore her (then be startled by her awfulness). I highly recommend this show for imperturbable (there is some gore) fans of the cat-and-mouse genre.

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One “investment” that I made last fall is wholesale boba supplies. I was concerned that winter road conditions would make frequent boba runs difficult, so decided to have a backup plan in case I am snowed in and succumb to a sugar craving.

While the dreaded winter weather hasn’t materialized, I have enjoyed the convenience of making boba at home with little effort (I couldn’t manage to steep jasmine tea to my liking but was perfectly happy with slushies made with ice, lemonade, Yakult, and the jam and toppings that I got from Bossen).

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Cover Story (*mild spoilers below*)

New York Magazine’s “Cover Story” aired its second season finale back in November. If you are a fan of Serial and other investigative podcasts, I’d suggest giving this show a listen.

The second season has all the makings of a Tom Cruise blockbuster: among them are a womanizing billionaire, a nascent spy network, and a sex trafficking operation. While the story didn’t quite deliver on its sensationalistic premise, nor did the villain that was dangled in front of listeners fully materialize, it was an interesting listen if you don’t expect a giant payoff.

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Have an excellent week, everyone!

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