Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale

If you’ve been reading the WLR, you’ll know that one news story I have been following with interest is the stockpile of merchandise that retailers are sitting on. And what this means for U.S. consumers is a holiday shopping season that commences before the leaves start turning.

The latest attempt by Amazon to offload its inventory is something called “Prime Early Access Sale,” which is available exclusively to Prime members (if you aren’t a subscriber, check this page to see if you are eligible for a free trial). Early access to what exactly, you wonder… and according to the original press release, it’s really just the holiday shopping season kickoff event, so don’t dwell on the name too much. Just think of it as Prime Day 2.0.

On the whole, the deals aren’t particularly exciting, but quite a few things in my closet are marked down, so I’ve highlighted them below for those with more immediate shopping needs.

The only promotion that I’d recommend without reservation, unless you don’t use Amazon at all, is the “Buy $50.00 Amazon Gift Card, Get $10 Credit” offer.

The Drop Elliot Pleated Mini Skirt (20% off; I’m wearing size XS: runs small to size, size up for extra length)

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner (20% off; this is a newish addition to my beauty routine and came highly recommended to me)
A’pieu Madecassoside 2X Cream (25% off. This is another new product to me; it’s intended for those with compromised skin barriers)
FALKE Knee-High Socks in Grey (a steal at 87% off; the size 3.5-6 fits my size 7 feet just fine)

Happy shopping!

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