Black Activewear

One shopping rule that I recently set for myself is “no new black activewear.”

There’s a certain path dependence with workout clothes: once I’d acquired dozens of black leggings, it felt natural to buy crop tops and windbreakers that match; and if the rest of my outfit was black, why not opt for black sneakers and hats? Eventually it became inconceivable that I’d buy anything that wasn’t black.

And that is how I ended up with a closet full of black workout clothes, and why I feel the need to cut myself off cold turkey.

In sale news, the adidas Saturday Relaxed Adjustable Cap that I am wearing here is currently 40% off at Amazon. This basic cap has an adjustable back closure, and a low profile (i.e., the crown is flatter and short in height). While this style comes in a rainbow of colors, only the black colorway is on further sale right now.

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