Funnel-Neck Sweater & Cotton Leggings

It’s 6AM. Just before my phone alarm blares, I jolt awake, and roll out of bed reflexively with my eyes still closed. As I brush my teeth in pitch blackness, I slowly remember… I can’t go running with boglike slush on the ground, AND the sun won’t be up for an hour. I go back to bed.

There is a lot to dislike about northeast winters, but my least favorite thing is how it blurs time–if I don’t put a walk on my calendar, there are days when I am just inside all day and barely see the sun. By mid-week I often can’t remember if it’s Wednesday or Thursday, without first replaying the week’s events in my head.

So the only outfits I am planning these days are my “walking outfits”: on cold but not freezing days, I am often in a mid-weight sweater, breathable leggings, wool socks, and short rain boots, like the outfit pictured here (not pictured: a cozy fleece jacket); On colder days, I add sheepskin earmuffs and gloves to protect areas without much insulating fat, and replace rain boots with sherpa-lined snow boots. On actively snowing days or bitterly cold days, I’ll swap my fleece jacket for a down parka, and the leggings for fleece-lined sweatpants.

The Funnel Neck Sweater seen above is currently an extra 50% off online in five colorways. The material (51% acrylic, 44$ nylon, and 5% wool) is quite soft and cozy, but probably won’t machine-wash well–I’ve only washed by hand and hung dry. So while I wouldn’t recommend it at full-price, at its current price I think it’s a fine option for those looking to buy new sweaters. The fit is relaxed, but not oversized, so order your normal size.

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