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—————— CHAIN CHAIN CHAIN ——————


A simple chain necklace is my accessory of the moment. It matches everything and adds the perfect amount of sparkle to a casual outfit. The one that I am wearing above is AU-Rate’a Medium Gold Figaro Chain Necklace, which is lightweight but sturdy.

—————— NEW JOGGERS ——————

BALEAF Lightweight Jogger Hiking Pants with Zipper Pockets

In anticipation of cool(er) weather, I’ve been on the hunt for lounge items that can double as activewear. These BALEAF joggers with zippered pockets are one of my favorite recent finds; the length is very petite friendly and the material is comfortable and has some stretch (but doesn’t seem like they’ll stretch out). And who can refuse the multiple zippered pockets (longtime readers of this blog know that I have a weakness for zippered pockets).

—————— GINNY & GEORGIA ——————


I subscribe to Netflix once a year to catch up on content that captures the cultural zeitgeist (but mostly for “Atypical“). After watching “The Queen’s Gambit,” and about 5 minutes of “Bridgerton,” I stumbled upon “Ginny & Georgia,” which is not exactly prestige TV, but is captivating enough that I binged the first season in two days. If I had to describe the show in one sentence: it’s a confused chimera of “Gilmore Girls” and “Women Who Kill.” Sure, some of the writing is rather cringey and the season finale is very unsatisfying and rushed, but neither take away how fun “Ginny & Georgia” can be at times. If you like empty calorie television, you might enjoy “Ginny and Georgia.”

—————— CLEASING MILK ——————

Aesop Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk

I’ve tried several new facial cleansers this year, with Aesop’s facial cleansing “milk” being my favorite of the bunch. I use it after first wiping my face with a micellar water soaked cotton pad, and the combination leaves my skin feeling refreshed, and not stripped or irritated. If you have combination or dry skin, this cleanser is very gentle and feels quite luxe.

—————— EMPIRE OF PAIN ——————

Empire of Pain

Patrick Radden Keefe has a knack for making serious but tedious subjects thrilling, but I resisted reading Empire of Pain for months, as I (thought I) knew the general outline of the story, and didn’t really need to know any more (just thinking about the opioid crisis fills me with dread). But an interview he did with the Los Angeles Times swayed me; he explained that he wrote the book for … a certain kind of reader who won’t necessarily pick up a book about the opioid crisis because it’s about the opioid crisis … but if you can seduce them with the undertow of a good story and compelling characters, then you can pull them into a subject that might have otherwise seemed not particularly interesting or even forbiddingly complicated to them. Empire of Pain is ultimately a story about a family defined by greed, and a cautionary tale for how pernicious everyday evil and Machiavellianism can be. If you are a fan of Succession, give Empire of Pain a try.


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