Pinky Beige

I was browsing Express last month for jeans when I unexpectedly came across this High Waisted Belted Flounce Skirt (currently sold out online), which, in its stock photos, looked to be the same shade of pinky-beige as my Rebecca Taylor pointelle top–a piece which I simply didn’t know how to wear well. It pairs okay with light-colored bottoms in a relaxed silhouette, but none of the combinations I tried excited me.

So I decided to break a cardinal shopping “rule,” which says to not buy something expressly to wear with a difficult-to-style piece. It belongs in the sunk-cost fallacy family of mistakes that you can make–the rational choice would be to donate the piece that you can’t make work.

But that’s not what happened here because… just look at this top with its scallop details and cap sleeves–I couldn’t have designed something more to my taste, so I am determined to make it work, shopping “rules” be damned.

Quay My Girl Sunglasses (rereleased as “Honey” here) || Rebecca Taylor Short-Sleeve Pointelle Scalloped Lace Top (size XS; past season) || Express High Waisted Belted Flounce Skirt (size 00; sold out online) || Chanel Cerf Tote (buy pre-owned here) || Miu Miu Pointed-Toe Pump (past season; similar here)

Have you made any questionable shopping decisions lately?

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