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When I find myself in a style rut (which, in the last year, was often), I try to find new ways to wear things I already own, or to commit myself to a new (to me) trend that I am not completely sold on. Below you’ll find a few trends and tips that I currently enjoy.


pinky rings

One routine that a few girlfriends and I established for our monthly Zoom catchup is an accessory show-and-tell. For a while I was advocating for the return of statement necklaces, but recently my focus has shifted to the whimsical pinky ring, after I discovered the ease of ring adjusters, which allow me to convert virtually any ring into a pinky ring.

——————  CROSSBODY OR BACKPACK?  ——————

To convert a bag with top handles and optional crossbody straps to a backpack, simply 1) unhook the strap on one side, 2) thread the strap through the top handle(s), and 3) reattach the strap. Voilà! (I promise this is not a #TrickTok.)

There is more than one way to “convert” an ordinary crossbody bag into a “backpack,” and I will show these “tricks” in a separate post, but I really enjoy finding new, unexpected ways to wear a bag.


For a while last spring I seriously considered donating (most of) my heels. I just couldn’t imagine ever wanting to wear “real” shoes, let alone heels, again. But, like some of you, I’ve cautiously started shoe-shopping again, and kitten-heels are what I consider training wheels for high heels. They elongate the leg-line and make outfits feel more dressed up.


I became a spiral hair tie convert last year but can’t seem to stop losing them. In between my Amazon replacement orders, I have been knotting together two hair elastics to create one super supportive hair tie, which enables high ponytails that actually stay in place, even if you have smooth, straight hair.


I am a few years late to the trend, but I can’t get enough of bike shorts as streetwear (I have a WIFW post in the works that I can’t wait to share). If you can quiet the “bike shorts worn not as inner layer or activewear” cognitive dissonance, the bike short will open up many casual dressing possibilities.

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What are some fashion trends or styling tips that you are excited about?

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