Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

COVID-19 has made many fashion losers, from skinny jeans to stilettos to midmarket retailers. But the jumpsuit is one item that I hope stages a comeback because, as impractical as they are from a convenience standpoint, they are just so fun and versatile.

I’ve been wearing jumpsuits regularly because of my jumpsuit “challenge” (find more Black Halo jumpsuits here), and have rediscovered my love for them. The beauty of a jumpsuit is that it’s a one-and-done piece, but with some styling tweaks, you can wear the same jumpsuit all-week-long without feeling bored.

Start small: add some visual interest by layering a printed turtleneck or a long-line lace bralette underneath. This works especially well to temper utility jumpsuits. You can further elevate the look by adding a statement belt.

From this post: An effortless utility jumpsuit worn with a lace top underneath for contrast and textural interest

When sufficiently winterized with warm base layers and a cozy outer layer, your favorite jumpsuit can be worn year-round.

For dressier pieces, you can easily make workwear out of them by rounding out your look with a tailored jacket or a sweater-blazer, depending on how formal your workplace dress code is.

The tie-shoulder jumpsuit (seen above) is old, but you can find dozens of similar styles below:

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