Spring Tweed: Sister Jane Trifle Tweed Mini Dress

My favorite fashion trend for spring is the exaggerated puff sleeve, which is part of the “romantic” wave that also brought back bustier tops and full skirts. One of the pieces I recently “invested” in is this dramatic Trifle Tweed Mini Dress (also sold here and here), which evokes a Regency-era sensibility (i.e., an empire silhouette) and incorporates the shorter hemline that’s in vogue.

At first I thought the dress was too much: there’s a lot of material, and the fabric looked chintzy under indoor lighting, but it really is so fun to wear (I took mine for a spin while picking up boba the other day).

A few words about holiday candy: Because I am not religious, I feel I am an impartial judge of holiday candy and can say with (some) authority–I’ve consumed a lot of it over the years–that Easter candy is the best holiday candy. (This is the hill I want to die on.) It’s just so satisfying to pop a small, egg-shaped piece of chocolate into your mouth: the ovoid shape allows the chocolate to melt evenly in your mouth, without any unpleasant edges, but still leaves time for you to chew the chocolate (if you so choose) before the whole thing disappears.

And is there a cuter iteration of Sour Patch Kids than Sour Patch Bunnies? Or any Reese’s with better peanut butter to chocolate ratio than the Easter Peanut Butter Golden Eggs? Or a more intriguing combination than the Cauliflower-Flavored Green Giant Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies? I rest my case.

My favorite holiday candy is the Crunch Easter Nesteggs: the crisped rice adds dimension/texture, and also tempers the sweetness of milk chocolate

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