Maxi Dress & Fleece Jacket

The prevailing sentiment on Twitter, at least among the WFH set, is that pandemic fatigue has deepened and reached another low point, as we mourn the anniversary of the first stay-at-home orders and also see the light at the end of the tunnel (i.e., mass vaccination by summer) flicker and gradually dim.

While I am also struggling, I am not as miserable as I was ~ a month ago. Earlier this year I resumed driving the 45 minutes it takes to find “good” boba and Korean fried chicken every weekend. Fall-Elle would have looked askance at all of this unnecessary travel, but I really need it. And the once a week sugar high and fried chicken hit really help break the monotony. I justify it by telling myself that curbside pick up is not that much riskier than ordering delivery; and for my own peace of mind, I triple mask and glove up for the handoff. I know I could be more responsible, but sanity has a price.

Other things that I am doing to stay sane: more YouTube workout videos (I have been loving Coffee Lam’s channel, which is in Cantonese, and I keep hoping I might casually pick up a little Cantonese as a bonus), and playing/walking in the snow.

About the walks in the snow: they feel very safe because no one else wants to be outside in 15-degree weather, which means I get to have it (the outdoors!) all to myself! I also occasionally get dressed up to go on a walk, because I am mostly home/office-bound so have nowhere else to wear things.

Sometimes, when I am just listening to trash pop (I highly recommend getting some Bluetooth earmuffs for just this occasion) and sliding around on thick layers of ice, I leave behind, for a moment, all of my stressors.

10/10 would recommend.

And my fleece jacket collection continues to grow! Here are some options similar to the one that I am wearing in this post for those in the market:

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