Inauguration Day 2021 Fashion

I got unexpectedly emotional following the goings-on of the presidential inauguration on Twitter, and decided to channel my feelings into a post about the outfits.

This inauguration was all about the coats (made by American designers), as the D.C. area started the day in the 30s and under a gale warning.

Source: Dave Itzkoff

Bernie Sanders, true to form, showed up to the inauguration dressed appropriately for the weather. I really like his multicolored mittens (fun fact: the mittens have their own Twitter account) which added a bit of visual interest to the earthy ensemble. Jen Ellis should consider knitting him a matching beanie!

Source: Twitter

Janet Yellen’s outfit should get an award for practicality. The hooded-puffer-and-blanket is what everyone should be wearing if they had to sit for hours in the cold. As this former Fed chair is expected to be confirmed as the next Treasury secretary later this week, I applaud her for putting warmth and comfort before media attention.

Source: Marie Claire

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s head-to-toe plum/aubergine look was made by Sergio Hudson (a South Carolina-based designer). The symbolism of the various shades of purple worn on Inauguration Day is not lost on lookers-on.

But seriously, it’s purple galore. From Secretary Hillary Clinton’s purple pantsuit, which is from Ralph Lauren:

To Senator Elizabeth Warren, who wore a fuchsia Planned Parenthood scarf, a royal blue-purple mask and an indigo puffer coat.

To Vice President Kamala Harris’s violet ensemble, made by Christopher John Rogers.

Source: Marie Claire

Another color favored by the incoming administration is blue, like Dr. Jill Biden’s Ruddy Blue tweed ensemble by Alexandra O’Neill, a New York-based designer.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also dressed in a beautiful shade of azure. Her brooch and mask game is on point, as always.

Source: Marie Claire

Some attendees, like the featured guests, strayed from the monochromatic look, however. Lady Gaga wore an outfit comprising flag colors that I can imagine on Effie Trinket (in a good way).

Source: Vanity Fair

And Amanda Gorman, the inaugural poet, wore head-to-toe Prada. The cheerful yellow dress coat is everything, and I love the red accents.

Source: Fashionista

There was a time when I took issue with news media’s undue focus on female legislator’s fashion choices, but I am glad that, for the first time in a long while, the headline isn’t dominated by someone who can’t help but suck the air out of the room.

Did you watch the inauguration?

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