How to Wear: Sweater Scarf a.k.a. Scarf with Sleeves a.k.a. Sleeved Scarf

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One trend that I initially found absurd (okay, which I still find absurd) but grew increasingly curious about is the sweater scarf (or scarf with sleeves): it’s a long-sleeve sweater with nearly all of its torso missing. You can also think of it as a buttonless/closed shrug, if that helps with the cognitive dissonance.

The sweater scarf is an inevitable (CMV) and natural final form of the cropped top evolution. But if the hemline index posits that hemlines on skirts/dresses rise along with stock prices (i.e., miniskirts in a bull market and maxi skirts in a bear market), what do changing top lengths reveal?

But let’s ignore the why (or the raison d’être) of a sweater scarf for now and explore the question of: Just how do you wear this thing?!


The most obvious way to wear this item is to pair it with a shirt or dress with tank top; it’s still an awkward piece, but effectively covers/warms up one’s exposed décolletage and arms.


You can “wear” the sleeved scarf by tying it around your waist, like an accessory. It actually works better than doing the same with a regular sweater or shirt, since there’s no overhang in the back.


You can tie this piece around your neck or your shoulders, but should you? And is it better or worse than draping a full-length sweater on one’s shoulders with the sleeves knotted in front? These are questions for which I have no answer.

How would you wear the sweater scarf? And for those of you in the market for such a piece, here are some available options:

How to wear a sleeved scarf

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