Review: Amazon Essentials Sherpa-Lined Fleece Full-Zip Hooded Jacket

In my review of the L.L.Bean Sherpa-Lined Hoodie, I casually mentioned the Amazon Essentials Sherpa-Lined Fleece Full-Zip Hooded Jacket as a lower-priced alternative and subsequently received a few questions about it. So today I am sharing a few photos, for anyone who’s interested.

This sherpa-lined hoodie is noticeably thinner than the L.L.Bean one that I sang praises of, but is a reasonable option for early spring/fall, before the chill of winter descends. It’s also perfectly cozy for wearing around the house, if you are someone who runs cold.

A fleece-lined hoodie is a comfort object, so you should choose the size that meets your needs. Order your normal size if you don’t want to feel (too) sloppy (but note that the sleeves run a little slimmer compared to the torso); and size up if you are tall (the styles come in only one size type: “regular”) or want to wear it over a sweatshirt.

At $29.90, you get a little more than what you pay for, but not that much more. The cotton-blend (60% cotton/40% polyester) shell is soft and lightweight, but only the body and the hood are lined in (100% polyester) sherpa; the sleeves are not. It’s a reasonably-priced basic, but doesn’t offer any extras (it’s not sustainable, or luxurious, and does not “spark joy”–imo, anyway).

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