Year in Review: Be Gone, 2020 + Outfits of 2020

To my own surprise, I managed to cobble together enough content to post this year’s lookback post; I tip my hat to my younger self, who was actually quite prolific at the year’s start (before everything went to hell, obviously). As always, images are linked to their respective posts, so click through if you want to read the full post.

I am shocked to find myself here, on the last day of the year. I wake up some mornings thinking it must still be March, as the normal markers of the passage of time are all missing. 2020 has made “months-long stretches … seem interminable in the moment but like they passed in a blip in retrospect.” Despite the sadness I feel about a lost year (and for the many many remarkable people we lost), I can’t wait to leave 2020 behind.

I wish you all a very happy (and safe) New Year! See you in 2021.

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