July 2020 Favorites

I’m still playing catch up with my monthly favorites, and will likely publish the August one next Sunday.


This Abercrombie & Fitch Puff-Sleeve Linen-Blend Mini Dress (reviewed here) is one of my favorite purchases this summer. And the fact that I didn’t have very many any occasions for it didn’t stop me from wearing it at least once every week this summer.


Silk masks make going outside on hot and especially humid days more tolerable, and the SLIP Pure Silk Adult Pleated Face Covering (more Slip products here; Slip pillowcases were an April favorite) is one of my favorites; it washes easily, feels substantial, and has adjustable ear straps. The $39 price tag (per mask) is maybe not the friendliest, especially if you get a few to avoid having to wash them every day, but I really liked how easy it is to adjust the straps to fit the mask to my face. Fabric masks are not PPE, though, so I usually double up and wear a SupplyAID KN95 mask outside the silk one if I expect to encounter more than a few people when I am out.


My old Nutribullet Blender broke down earlier this year so I replaced it with the NutriBullet® Blender Combo. I really like the two cups with to-go lids that are included in the kit, which make it easy to safely store extra drinks in the fridge. My favorite thing to make is an imitation of the Ben & Jerry Razzo Mango smoothie (I’m unsure if they still sell it at scoop shops as I have been making my own for years), which requires blending mango sorbet, frozen mango, raspberries, and apple juice (the proportions don’t really matter, just taste and adjust as you go).

—————— JIN JIN FRUIT JELLY ——————

One of my favorite warm weather treats is Jin Jin jelly cups. They are so refreshing when cold so definitely refrigerate them for the best flavor. You can find them at Yamibuy (if you are new, you can use my referral link and get $4/$5 off your first purchase) and Amazon.

Find my other monthly favorites here.

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