Cropped Cardigan & Plaid Skirt

I “discovered” a public green space in my town this spring that is connected to the outside world by a single unpaved (winding! dead-end!!) road. For a few weeks it felt like my backyard since I was often the only one there.

I stopped going regularly over the summer when people started showing up (not in vast numbers, but enough to deter me); but I would still drive by/to it from time to time on the off chance that I’d luck out and get all 100+ acres to myself. And sometimes I did! And it was glorious. Here are some photos of me running around excitedly.

And there will be a Thanksgiving sale roundup this year, so check back later in the week (Thursday, to be specific) for sale news! And for those of you who are abstaining from Black Friday/Cyber Monday shenanigans: Happy Thanksgiving! The Weekly Link Roundup will be published on Friday.

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