June 2020 Favorites

I fell behind in posting my monthly favorites, but did track them informally on my phone so will still be sharing them (in quick succession) to get back on track. Without further ado, here are my June favorites:


I “discovered” Carmen Maria Machado about three years after everyone else did. Her writing (and many experiments with form) is just so exquisite. I read Her Body and Other Parties (which I would highly recommend if you like works of magical realism) and In the Dream House over a weekend, and plan to reread both this fall.


I lived in (tees and) t-shirt dresses this June, as I really struggled to get dressed most mornings. And the Uniqlo Mercerized Cotton A-Line Mini Dress is one of my favorites; it’s extremely comfortable (100% cotton material and relaxed cut) and easy to dress up for Zoom calls (just add a detachable collar or a piece of jewelry).


I have a weakness for fruit teas from boba places. And while I acted with considerable restraint (i.e., barely leaving the house) in the first few months of the pandemic, I eventually (in June) started taking unnecessarily trips to pick up fruit teas. And the ones from YiFang are my favorite, especially the limited-time summer mango drinks (which are still available!). I’ve been getting multiple mango fruit teas (Yifang also offers a mango sago and mango pomelo sago drink) at a time, drinking them over a few days, and returning for more.

—————— LEVAIN COOKIES ——————

I celebrated a birthday in June, and my likes are so well-known by friends that I received a few package from Levain the week of my birthday; it was a delicious reminder of just how good Levain cookies are. I had tried to replicate the recipe in quarantine, but the results are just not the same. Levain ships nationwide, so you can order them for yourself or for loved ones.

July favorites will be posted next week. And you can find my other monthly favorites here.

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