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May had been especially trying: I swung between severe anxiety–had to stop consuming news coverage of COVID-19 as just the thought of reading another piece on the pandemic filled me with dread–and faked indifference/fatalism. But I found hope after watching “16 Philly Cheesesteaks in 12 Hours“; I am willing to social-distance for another 12-18 months in order to once again live in a world where we get to eat so many different Philly cheese steaks in a day.


Wearing (from left to right): Aurate Simple Pearl Ring, Simple Pearl Bracelet, Deco Fan Pearl Ring, and Mini Stackable Diamond Ring

Dainty accessories like simple gold rings serve as effective reminders to me when I work from home that I am at work, even if clothed in sweats (or tulle).

—————— PECAN SANDIES ——————

I’ve baked many pecan shortbread cookie recipes in my life, but my favorite by far is this Epicurious recipe (which is perfect as written–though you may need to reduce the temperature/baking time depending on the size and thickness of your cookie). What I like most about this recipe is that, unlike most shortbread recipes, you do not need to chill the dough before baking (so no wait!). AND the dough is a lot easier to handle–actually mostly stays together after the ingredients have been combined–compared to other shortbread dough. It is very tempered sweetness-wise, so feel free to dip the baked cookie in melted chocolate to sate your sweet tooth. Bake this, you won’t regret it!


Clinique Pop Splash™ Lip Gloss + Hydration is one of my favorite (relatively) “affordable” lip products; it applies easily, is extremely moisturizing without being sticky, has a decent color payoff, and is not too shiny.


For about a week in May I think I ate nothing but Costco blueberry muffins–reheated until the exterior is at once crispy and chewy, and served with ice cream. I think I must have eaten hundreds of these muffins since quarantine started. It’s just a food that I can’t see myself tiring of ever. I even tried baking my own, but it just doesn’t compare.

—————— DIY BUBBLE TEA ——————

One thing that I really miss from pre-corona is fruity teas and slushies from boba places. It was an expensive habit, but one I happily (and frequently) indulged; it was definitely challenging when I was suddenly cut off. I finally sated my craving with a DIY kit from RareTea. The “Fruit Tea Set” comes with three fruit purees/jams, two types of tea, and a bottle of cane sugar. They also sell add-ins like lychee jelly, tapioca pearls, and crystal boba. Armed with the ability to easily make fruity teas and slushies at home, I think I can last another month in quarantine.

What were your May favorites? Write me or comment below!

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