For spring I am gently embracing cottagecore, the natural terminus of a post-Animal Crossing world (and what I consider an otiose regurgitation of mori-kei). But I am eschewing the foraging for berries and mushrooms part (because of my severe seasonal allergies) and focusing on the romantic prairie dresses (which for the most part fall on the right side of the ugly-cute continuum for me) and fragrant baked goods.

I love this trend, though, mostly for the nostalgia factor. I used to collect Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters figurines as a wee one and cottagecore is intensely redolent of that kind of woodland fantasy. Furthermore, cottagecore is conveniently an aesthetic that’s easy to grasp, for anyone who’s watched Bambi (not me) or Alice in Wonderland (me).

Will you be jumping on the cottagecore bandwagon?

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