Perfect Alignment: Pleated Plaid Skirt & Wrap Collar Coat

There are a few useful rules of thumb for choosing what coat to wear with an outfit: the one I follow (almost) religiously calls for pairing skirts and coats that are similar in length (ideally the skirt is an inch or so longer than the coat, allowing a little bit of the hem to peek through when the coat is done up). This pairing achieves long, unbroken lines, which I find neat and visually pleasing.

I also want to highlight two items that I am wearing in this post as they are both on excellent sales: the first is the Uniqlo HEATTECH Extra Warm Ribbed Bodysuit which I own dozens of and has been recently restocked in all sizes and three colorways. I sometimes prefer bodysuits to tops for ease of tucking, and these have snap closures at the crotch which are fairly easy to do/undo. I find these bodysuits to run true to size, if not a smidgen less body-hugging than other HEATTECH styles.

And I know I’ve plugged the Aquatalia Ryann Ankle-Strap Suede & Leather Boots once or twice before, but the sale price at L+T is simply too good to pass up. I like how low-maintenance these weatherproof suede-and-leather boots are, and how comfortable they are out of the box. I took a size up, as I always do for Aquatalia, but find that these stretched easily; without boot socks I probably could’ve gotten away with my normal boot size.

Here are a few more Aquatalia boots that are currently on sale:

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