Little White Dress

I did a closet clean-out recently, one not necessitated by overflow, but because I was finding myself thinking “… I have nothing to wear” more often than is justifiable for someone with a wardrobe as large as mine.

But with every clean-out (and consequently, available closet space), I inevitably become emboldened and more prone to impulsive purchases. This adorable little white dress is one such purchase, and I’ve warmed to it in the few weeks since its arrival.

Early on, I had deemed it a return, because it emerged from its plastic packaging looking wrinkled and shapeless. Once unwrinkled and under better lighting, it grew on me; I especially like the dainty puffed sleeves, and how the dress can be worn on or off the shoulders.

Now that it is an extra 50% off at Bloomingdale’s, I’d recommend it. But because AQUA fits like a junior brand, size up if you are average height or taller.

Here are a few more AQUA dresses that are an extra 50% off until 07/06/19:

Some more picks for the Bloomingdale’s extra 30%/50% off clearance sale:

Also, while not on further sale, dozens of Longchamp bags, including the medium and large Le Pliage totes, are 30% off in several colorways.

Happy shopping!

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