Work to Weekend Dress

It’s been a rough few months: my immune system can’t seem to catch a break between the hay fever and then a lingering cold. The inconvenient truth of adulthood is that no matter how miserable I feel, life (i.e., one’s various obligations) must go on, and there’s no getting around having to get appropriately dressed for stuff.

So for work I’ve been relying on this foolproof formula: printed dresses with forgiving silhouettes, and somewhat-tailored blazers in stretchy materials. When I am feeling unwell, I refuse to wear anything body-hugging or highly restrictive, because just being upright is a struggle; why add to the misery?

I have an ambitious list of content planned for this blog, but when they’ll get published is currently up in the air. Those of you to whom I promised content, thanks for being patient. Those requests are being worked on, the pace is just slow.

Hi, I am Elle!

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