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I vaguely recall the windswept mid-fall day on which these outfit photos were taken: the dense foliage had only recently exploded with color (an oddity) after an unseasonably warm start to fall. I remember thinking to myself: self, relish this moment, because winter is coming.

While December in the Northeast hasn’t been especially brutal–it has merely seesawed between tolerably-cold-but-wet and frigid-with-wind-chill–it is tedious to dress for, because every outfit inevitably gets covered by an oversized parka, and that gets old fast.

So this winter I plan to (seriously) experiment with coat layering (← not done well there), because I am certain that my coats can be worn together in creative ways, I simply haven’t unlocked their potential. So write me if you’ve got any tips or want to trade coat layering horror stories.

For those of you who are shopping, I will keep the sale roundup updated through Sunday: Abercrombie and Anthropologie both sweetened their sale-on-sale, so ask for price adjustments if you placed an order earlier this week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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