Cold-Weather Essentials

Picture taken around Icy Hell

Serious winter gear is unsexy: it’s a corner of fashion that does not allow for much personal expression and is ruled by practicality. It’s the stuff that is often unseen in an outfit post, but if you live in places with cold winters, they are the most crucial.

—————————–  UGG SHEEPSKIN GLOVES  —————————–

I hoard gloves… in part out of necessity, as I have poor circulation so my extremities are often cold in the winter.

While I really like cashmere-lined leather gloves, I personally find them totally useless in sub-40 weather, as they aren’t windproof and my fingers lose heat quickly.

I regret not “investing” earlier in a pair of UGG shearling gloves. No other gloves keep my fingers from freezing as effectively as ones with water-resistant suede exteriors and fur interiors. They are kind of clunky and smartphone unfriendly (though a touchscreen friendly glove was made available this year), but they are fairly windproof and perfectly insulate my digits from the cold.

—————————–  UNIQLO HEATTECH  —————————–

In the winter, I rarely leave the house without wearing a base layer from Uniqlo’s Heattech collection. Sure, there are more premium options available, but Uniqlo’s version is arguably just as good, and at very reasonable price levels to boot.

The only downside is that base layers are difficult to remove. If you overheat easily, save these base layers for very cold days, or outdoor activities.

—————————–  BLANKET SCARVES  —————————–

Sure, cashmere scarves are lightweight and very warm, but even an acrylic scarf will keep you warm, provided they are large enough. And as much as I like my Acne Canada Scarf, you can find similar styles for much, much less. If your budget allows only occasional splurges, I’d recommend saving on “plain” scarves as a cashmere scarf from H&M is not all that different from a Max Mara one.

—————————–  TECH EARMUFFS  —————————–

I like a good beanie (especially ones lined in fleece) as much as the next girl, but static and flyaway hair are often made worse by knit caps, so ear muffs are imo a more sensible alternative. My favorite is the UGG Tech Earmuffs which enable me to listen to music and podcasts while keeping my ears warm.

—————————–  SMARTWOOL SOCKS  —————————–

Smartwool “performance” socks are not the best looking, but they are a must in the winter for those with cold feet. I especially like the “Hike Medium Crew” and “Trekking Heavy Crew” socks, even though they are a bit heavy-duty for everyday wear. They are durable but comfortable, with medium-to-heavy cushioning that adds shock absorption. The merino wool (about 70%) in the material has some antimicrobial/odor-reduction properties and helps with moisture management.

—————————–  WATERPROOF BOOTS  —————————–

Chooka Top Solid Rain Boot (also here) || Sorel Joan of Arctic™ Boot (also here and here)

And don’t even think about wearing non-waterproof shoes on the days following a snowstorm. Unless you work from home, keep a pair of pumps and dressy flats at the office and commute in waterproof shoes. Depending on the depth of the slush puddles you need to brave, your best option may be the Hunter Tall Rain Boot or the Sorel Winter Fancy Lace II Boot.

Stay warm out there!

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