Best Week

There is a week in spring, just before the start of allergy season, that is absolutely magical. It usually follows a cold and rainy spell; then overnight, the clouds disperse and the cherry blossoms bloom. And the world looks like it’s been staged for a Wes Anderson film.

There is a similarly perfect week (or two) at the precipice of fall, after the heat breaks but before the wind chills, that is ideal for outdoor runs. With some cloud cover, the sun is less punishing, and the air is crisp but not piercing. That relentless swarm of bugs, which have been following you all summer, is nowhere to be found. This is my favorite time of year.

As I don’t blog much about activewear, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my favorite running jacket: the Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Stockhorn Fleece Jacket (also here), which I own in five colorways. It’s got three (count ’em) zippered pockets, which is a godsend for a disorganized person like me: I’ve got my phone in one pocket, keys in another, and tissues in the remaining pocket. I know where everything is and, more importantly, know that they are secured.

And the material is durable but has stretch, with a body-hugging fit (for activewear); if you are in between sizes, order the next size up. For those around my size, the jacket in size XS fits me well, with enough room for extra layers when temperatures drop in late fall/early winter, but not so much room that it looks bulky. While it is too substantial for the summer, I still wear it for the UV protection (up to 50 SPF) and the hood.

For anyone in the market for new sneakers, I just noticed a bunch of Nike sneakers on further sale at Nordstrom Rack; a few styles that caught my eye:

I ordered the Nike Tanjun Sneakers and will review them at some point.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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