Work Jogger

Wearing athleisure to work would have sounded preposterous to me three years ago, but I’ve slowly warmed to the idea. The weather is partially to blame for the increasingly relaxed silhouette of my work outfits, but on days when I am just holed up in my office, why shouldn’t I be free to explore the boundaries of a business casual (in my case, more casual than business) dress code?

Here’s how I would advise anyone looking to incorporate more casual pieces into their work wardrobe (this obviously wouldn’t apply to workplaces with more formal dress codes): limit athleisure pieces to one per outfit; and choose pieces that are markedly different in material from their activewear counterparts.

To start, you might consider swapping wool trousers for a pair of silky joggers, as I’ve done here. Or replace restrictive sheath dresses with forgiving t-shirt dresses.

Have a great week, everyone!

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