Housekeeping Items: Blog Name Change

Every six months or so for the last few years, I’d think seriously about implementing a domain change, because Fast Food & Fast Fashion is no longer representative of the content on this blog. (I’m unsure how many of you were around back then, but I used to occasionally share snaps of my choice fast food meals on here.) Although I really loved my original blog name (RIP Fast Food & Fast Fashion) and thought it captured my essence well, I also felt uneasy whenever someone would land on my blog when they were in search of fast food reviews (because I would be peeved if search results showed me a style blog when I was looking for a food blog).

The final straw came in February when one of my old blog posts (which I’ve since removed in a fit of anger) came up as a top result when I was trying to find other fanpeople of KFC’s Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken (which, by the way, is delicious. If you like Lay’s Wavy Hickory Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips, you’ll love this. But I digress).

And while “Elle Blogs” is generic (boringly so), I like that it affords me the possibility to one day pivot should I suddenly decide to blog exclusively about fun facts, or (God forbid) review mattresses. I can’t see myself posting exclusively to Instagram or Facebook, so this name change makes sense at this juncture in time.

For the time being, nothing else will change. I assure you I will continue to announce overambitious posting schedules that I can’t keep (as President Wilson once said, “we grow great by dreams“), to share any deals or links that I find interesting, and to write about the things that I am trying to work through in my head.

Thanks, as always, for your readership. If you discover any problems with this blog during this time of transition, please email me or leave a comment below.

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