Geometric Print + Jersey Pants

Fashion’s association with frivolity stems in part from its disconnect with practicality. Beyond being just a barrier from harsh weather elements, clothing is often used to signal our gender identity, profession, mood, culture, or tribal identity. And for much of recorded history, fashion has also been used to suppress: corsets, for example, have been one of the most enduring forms of subjugation (in certain forms, anyway).

That isn’t to say that things like high heels, as tortuous as some can be, have no place in modern society (because I would never voluntarily give mine up). But there have been palpable, seismic movements in fashion toward “comfort,” bringing us entertaining concepts like suitjamas, dress pant yoga pants, and snockers (or sock sneakers).

For me personally, these innovations are a bridge too far. But I fully embrace elegantly updated styles like high-waisted, wide(r)-leg pants made with stretchy jersey material. These Express Mid Rise Jersey Sash Pants, which I’ve worn before in other outfit posts, remain a favorite, as they are flattering but as comfortable as my favorite pair of sweatpants.

Express Mid Rise Jersey Sash Pant in Ensign Blue (size XXS) || Zara Geometric Print Blouse (size XS) || Burberry Westland Sateen Trench (size 2; past season) || Michael by Michael Kors Medium Selma Leather Zip Top Satchel (reviewed here) with J. Crew Detachable Bag Strap || Ann Taylor Mila Leather Pumps in Navy Blue

Along with other “Women’s Work Essentials,” these pants are now 40% off in all colors, though sizes have become incomplete online.  To make this deal even sweeter, you can use code 2996 for an extra 15% off your purchase. Shipping is free on orders over $50.

Below are my picks for this sale:

Happy shopping!

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