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It’s been years since I last felt as excited about a designer collaboration as I do about the Hunter for Target collection, set to debut on April 14, 2018. I think what sets this collaboration apart from other co-branded efforts is how closely this collection hews to Hunter’s aesthetic. It helps that the types of product that Hunter peddles lends themselves to be more easily value engineered, in contrast to Target’s collaborations with other designers who rely more on premium materials and intricate details that cannot be mass produced cheaply.

Here are all of the items that I intend to order (and will review for anyone curious about the collection, if I can get my hands on them; sadly, I couldn’t get my hands on these pieces) on the day of the launch:

Hunter for Target Women’s Rain Coat – Yellow
Hunter for Target Women’s Mesh A-Line Dress – Black
Hunter for Target Women’s Zip Front Tie Waist Long Sleeve Romper – Olive
Hunter for Target Bum Bag – Navy
Hunter for Target Large Backpack – Yellow
Hunter for Target Women’s Hooded Trench Coat – Khaki
Hunter for Target Women’s Varsity Swing Jacket – Olive
Hunter for Target Women’s Waterproof Ankle Boots – Yellow
Hunter for Target Women’s Colorblock Hooded Windbreaker Jacket – Blue
Hunter for Target Women’s Hooded Short Sleeve Romper – Yellow

The entire collection can be previewed here. I will update this post again when the collection goes live.

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