Wrap-Style Skirt

As much as I like frills and unusual details, my tolerance for them is (usually) two per item. Any more, and your outfit risks becoming a trend salad. 

This wrap-style skirt from Zara stands dangerously close to the edge of being overwrought, but stops just short, making it a fairly unique piece that manages to stay on the right side of tasteful. The muted check print, wrap detail, large black buttons, and midi length work well together, but if any one of these details were even a beat funkier, this skirt would become difficult to style.

J. Crew Fanfare Wool-Blend Jacket (past season) || H&M V-neck Satin Camisole Top (size 2) || Zara Checked Wrap-Style Midi Skirt in Tan (size XS) || Prada Medium Saffiano Double-Zip Tote || Zara Court Shoes (past season)

This piece appeals to me because I wear a lot of black in the winter, and am prone to lapse into chromatic monotony. But this skirt makes every outfit interesting, so I would recommend it to anyone with my idle tendencies.

As with most regular-sized items, the fit is predictably awkward on petites. The skirt in size XS measures 30.5″ in length and 13.5″ across the waist. I had the skirt taken in two inches at the waist, but didn’t touch the length lest I screw up the wrap detail.

Zara Jacket with Pearl Buttons (size XS) || Ann Taylor Versatile Tie Blouse (past season) || Zara Checked Wrap-Style Midi Skirt in Tan (size XS) || Coach Borough Bag || Zara Court Shoes (past season)

I also plan to wear this skirt with one of my (many) batwing sweaters, though orthodox sweaters will also work with it if you are feeling conservative.

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