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Acceptance Speech for the Renomination for the Presidency, Philadelphia, Pa. June 27, 1936

In place of the weekly shopping update, I want to encourage you to donate to the following causes. With the amount of political news at the forefront of our minds, it can be easy to forget that our world is bigger than the information silos we hide in. Our elected representatives can shirk their duties as global citizens in the name of America First, but we don’t have to.


Between Boko Haram wreaking havoc in Northeast Nigeria and Nigeria’s dysfunctional government, the millions who have been displaced now face hunger and disease.

How to help: give to UNICEF (Charity Navigator page) and IRC (Charity Navigator page).


Disastrous droughts have rendered about six million Somalis victims of famine, with a million children under five in risk of acute malnutrition this year.

How to help: give to Action Against Hunger (Charity Navigator page) and UNICEF (Charity Navigator page).


Since the start of the South Sudanese Civil War in 2013, which displaced millions from fertile land, the living conditions of refugees have gradually deteriorated. The U.N. earlier this year declared famine in South Sudan, and some 40% of the population are in need of food assistance.

How to help: give to UNICEF (Charity Navigator page), the IRC (Charity Navigator page), and the United Nations Foundation (Charity Navigator page).


The ongoing Yemeni Crisis (raging on thanks in part to American support for Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen) has led to a serious humanitarian crisis. 50 children under five die every day of preventable causes.

How to help: give to UNICEF (Charity Navigator page) and the IRC (Charity Navigator page).

And if you would like to work in the field, you can apply online to join the UN Volunteers program. The program is in most need of medical doctors.

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