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Colby Scalloped Dress // Size 00

Club Monaco brought back the Colby Scalloped Dress (reviewed here and here) in white this summer, and it is the perfect summer dress. Sizes have already started to sell out so act quickly if you are interested. 

What Makes This Kate Spade Bag Unusual? (BBC): “Africa has the potential to become the world’s next low-cost manufacturing hub thanks to a cheap workforce and an abundance of raw materials. A lot of production has moved there already.

The Bursting of the College Bubble (The Atlantic): “The higher-education market is not bursting, like a popped soap bubble; but it is leaking, like a pierced balloon.

This Famous Roboticist Doesn’t think Elon Musk Understands AI (TechCrunch): “There are quite a few people out there who’ve said that AI is an existential threat: Stephen Hawking, astronomer Royal Martin Rees … and they share a common thread, in that: they don’t work in AI themselves. For those who do work in AI, we know how hard it is to get anything to actually work through product level.

Sale styles are an extra 50% off at LOFT. Some picks: Lemonade One-Shoulder Top (love this!), Gingham Tie Off-the-Shoulder Dress, Vintage Soft Tee, Belted Shorts, Lace Off-the-Shoulder Dress, and Eyelet One-Shoulder Dress.

Thanks to Venmo, We Now All Know How Cheap Our Friends Are (The New York Times): “Once two people have decided to repay a debt with Venmo, there is the additional awkwardness of asking for payment. The easiest way is turning the app into a verb, with the casually tossed off ‘Just Venmo me.’ But if you’re at a bar and putting someone’s drinks on your tab, the instruction may well be forgotten amid a morning hangover. The app also allows users to request payment — in other words, to send an acquaintance a formal invoice.

To See the Future of Renting, Watch the College Kids (Bloomberg): “A college student whose first housing transaction takes place entirely online may not be so quick to accept the stressful, time-consuming open houses of traditional renting during their next search.

Britain Faces Up To Brexit (The Economist): “There are many ways to leave the EU, and none is free of problems. The more Britain aims to preserve its economic relationship with the continent, the more it will have to follow rules set by foreign politicians and enforced by foreign judges (including on the sensitive issue of freedom of movement). The more control it demands over its borders and laws, the harder it will find it to do business with its biggest market. It is not unpatriotic to be frank about these trade-offs. Indeed, it is more unpatriotic to kid voters into thinking that Brexit has no drawbacks at all.

Rent the Runway is running another clearance sale (for sale, not rent). My picks: Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Rich And Famous Dress, Rebecca Minkoff Pink Plaid Santo Coat, Elliatt Black Vest Dress, Rebecca Minkoff Navy Santo Coat, Raoul Jeanette Jumpsuit, Mignon Royal Blue Cape Gown, and Free People Candy Shop Mini Dress.

The Mystery of Why Japanese People Are Having So Few Babies (The Atlantic): “The birth rate is down, even the coupling rate is down. And people will say the number-one reason is economic insecurity.

LVMH Tests the Notion That Brand Trumps Traffic in China (Bloomberg): “… online sales now make up almost one-fifth of all retail spending in China, where consumers like the convenience of browsing on a phone, settling via mobile payments and getting goods delivered quickly. China is also set to overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest luxury-goods market in the next four years.

Paradox at Sea: My Week on a Weight-Loss Cruise (Marie Claire): “The idea of a weight-loss cruise does seem like a paradox (or a joke). As any cruiser will tell you, the whole point is the 24-hour buffet. (The second point is the free room service.) It is such a given that you’ll gain weight on a cruise that it’s become a cliché.

How Dipping Sauce for Pizza Became Oddly Necessary (Eater): “Papa John’s … gets credit for first creating and marketing a dip specifically for pizza, dislodging the dip from its usual place as a breadstick side … the brand’s popular garlic dipping sauce is as old as Papa John’s itself, and since Papa John’s founder John Schnatter made it in 1984, it has been included with every pizza ever sold. The tangy dip has a consistency that is a little thicker than melted butter, but not as thick as buttermilk ranch, and it tastes like a mixture of equal parts butter, garlic, and salt.

▪ Take an extra 40% off all sale styles at Anthropologie (no code needed; discount applies at checkout). My picks: Bow Back Tank, Evie Peplum Top, Tie-Shoulder Top, Mackenzie Floral Dress, Brooke Eyelet Swing Dress, Edie Dress, and Maxima Lace Skirt.

A Dozen Lessons on Investing from Ed Thorp (25iq): “If you aren’t going to be a professional investor, just index.

How BuzzFeed’s Tasty Conquered Online Food (The New York Time): “Tasty’s videos were seen about 1.1 billion times in June. In some months its viewership has eclipsed three billion views. Tasty, which makes most of its money from sponsored videos that it makes for brands, is profitable.

Why Can’t Americans Give Up Paper Checks? (Bloomberg): “Americans still reach for their checkbooks more than anybody else. In 2015, they each made 38 check transactions, on average, according to data from the Bank of International Settlements, the coordinating body for the world’s central banks. Compare that with about 18 in Canada, just 8 in the U.K., and almost zero in Germany. The only country with anywhere close to American numbers is France … blame Americans’ comfort with them, and the fact they serve the underserved. Feedback from retailers suggests many older and rural Americans still use checks to pay for groceries and gas … Particularly reliant on checks are the 33.5 million households that either don’t have bank accounts or supplement them with alternative financial services such as check-cashing and pawnshop loans.

▪ Recently purchased: LOFT Floral Tiered Dress, J. Crew Relaxed Boatneck Sweater, LALA + BASH Dottie Window Panels, and Sissily Pleated Maxi Skirt.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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