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The Self-Portrait Azalea Lace Dress is one of the most copied dresses in recent memory; its enduring popularity, hefty price tag (now $500), and relative simplicity didn’t help stem the tide of knockoffs. Most replications are poor copies of the Azalea, but there are more than a few that offer a better value.

I ordered and returned the Azalea several times (ultimately couldn’t justify the price considering an imperfect fit) before finally deciding to order AQUA’s (Bloomingdale’s in-house brand) imitation of it during a sale, and was overall pleased with the purchase.

AQUA is perhaps my favorite house brand. Every season we can expect a steady stream of lace dresses, scallop skirts, and whatever else is trending at the moment. Their retail prices are generally reasonable, and during sale season the markdowns are significant.

Aqua Lace Cami Midi Dress in Hunter (size XS; past season) || Zara Leather Jacket with Ruffle Detail (size XS; past season) || Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair Crossbody Bag (reviewed here) || Ann Taylor Esme Tassel Wrap Suede Sandals in Caramel Tan (Size 6.5)

Bloomingdale’s is currently running a 25% off sale, and most AQUA items are included; online prices reflect the discount.

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